Spring Tips for Exterior Painting

This past weekend, we took part in the Capital Region Spring Homeshow. We had a blast catching up with fellow contractors, past clients and getting to know potential new ones. Of course with the calling of Spring, we had seen a trend in clients wanting their exterior painting to be priority. We here at Capital Painting want to give you a few tips for planning your upcoming exterior painting project:

– It’s recommended that you paint the exterior of your home every 6-8 years. Things such as where you live, what your house is made of, how much sunlight your house sees, humidity, frigid winters, all are factors that you should consider.

– Get your home properly cleaned before painting. This is a necessity to ensure that paint will adhere to your home and rid of debris/loose wood (which also helps to get a head start on that prep work). We offer power washing, so there is one more thing you can mark off of your to-do list!

– If you are looking to change the color of your trim, choose a complimentary color. A piece of advice we like to give to our customers is to choose a color on the same deck that your main house color is on. Looking to do a completely separate color trim from your house? If you choose the second color down on a color sample, be sure to choose the second color down from your other color sample.

– Select colors that compliments your neighbors’ homes. Doing so will compliment not just your home, but make the neighborhood as a whole very appealing. *NOTE: Some areas have restrictions on colors you may choose for your home. Be sure to check with your town’s historical society or town board.

– Let us help you choose a proper exterior paint. Being that we work with these products so often, we can give you advice on what will work best and within your budget.

– Once your project is complete, your home will require just a little bit of attention. Inspect your home every year or so to look for signs of moisture damage, rotted trim, cracks, etc. By doing so, you can address issues immediately and save yourself hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in repair in the future.

Want a free estimate on your exterior painting? Let’s do it! You can do so by returning to the Contact Us section of our website or call the number located at the top right of this page. Book sooner rather than later, being that weather permits when we can get your project finished…and we know you want your house looking top notch for the warm weather to come!